Business continuity

In today’s complex business environment where companies face significant competition, economic pressures, shrinking margins, reduced headcount, and difficulty finding qualified personnel, it is often a challenge to continue to operate efficiently and provide top-notch service/products to customers. As a result, many organizations have outsourced one or more of their non-core business functions. Whether for financial reasons, resource constraints, or the need to tap into required expertise, outsourcing can be a powerful tool and a key aspect of many strategic initiatives.

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Framing strategy, governance, and policy

At vsolve we understand these challenges and seek to provide solutions that enable our clients to continue to focus on revenue growth, efficiency, and quality. We have developed a unique service that allows your business to leverage vsolve global Business Continuity Risk Management (BCRM) Practice in a cost-effective way to create, enhance, or maintain your business continuity program. For an annual fee, our team can perform in-house business continuity functions, supplement your current program resources, or provide support on an interim basis while your organization seeks a business continuity manager.

Generating awareness

Strong recovery capability processes, and ensure your continued survival. Business Continuity Management (BCM) provides organizations with the capability to respond to and cope with disruptions to their business. We see BCM as an integral part of risk management and also of the overall operational management of the organization. Our team is led by experienced professionals with in-depth business experience, and our goal is to provide high quality, pragmatic solutions that are easy to use, and provide value for money.

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